Jul 18, 2005

Sometimes He Just Cracks Me Up...

We have a Dallas address, but we live in Carrollton school district and Denton County. The good news is we pay lower insurance premiums and taxes than the Dallas folks. The bad news is we're a little schizzo about where we belong and we are just now able to sign up for DSL.

The other night after contacting Verizon online,

I looked over the computer at my technically-challenged husband and very seriously said, (as though to imply there would be no discussion about how it would fit into the budget), "I'm getting DSL."

He was thoughtful for a moment, and then said with a heavy sigh, "Well, I'm not surprised. You don't take care of yourself."

You gotta love someone who makes you laugh till Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper shoots out your nose.


Duke_of_Earle said...

Oh, Karyn! I'm SO sorry! I hope you can identify your source partner and notify him/her to keep it from spreading further.

Best of luck with your treatment.


Karyn Lyndon said...

Actually, John, I think I started noticing the common warning signs of DSL right after an email from YOU!